Almost a week

since I posted that is a very poor showing. I have no excuse just been disinclined to do so. I managed to write 500 more words in the past week and am getting very anxious for when my darling children to return to school. As it stands I just seem to be unable to get going.
Nights I have been tired my darling partner who normally drops off by 8.30pm hasn’t been doing this deciding that my company is infinitely more appealing.
Awww Bless him.
Why now? But bless him all the same.
The days are a mess as the girls won’t let me settle. The 2 younger ones are understandable but the older ones are worse, Mum what are you doing? Mum can I help?
Mum can I read this? Mum will you read to me?
So I rein in my impatience and keep thinking one day the girls won’t want me around, enjoy this!
It’s hard but it is true. I also keep in my mind that I am encouraging my daughters in the love of words, whether they are reading or creating their own it is satisfying to see.


~ by Bron on January 19, 2007.

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