The Course

I have enrolled in a journalist course. Although it has nothing to do with romance writing it will still give me basics in writing and also a job to do while I get my novelist career on the way. There are about 4 courses involved in it and although I had hoped to get the course knocked over in a few weeks I know that having the daughters home will impede this as I have realised having the daughters home means I can’t type.
At least when they are school (the older 2 anyway) I will be able to spend 15 minuted here and there writing while when they are home I rarely get time to sit once they are up.
I haven’t written at night or early in the morning yet. And feel pretty annoyed that I have allowed this. Maybe this afternoon? Maybe.
I have to be careful about the time I spend writing in the evenings as well. Kyle works long hours and I love to spend some time with him and he bitterly resents any time on the PC as he wants my time. Highly flattering after all this time but frustrating when I want to do something once the girls are in bed.
Balancing balancing the whole way.


~ by Bron on January 13, 2007.

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