Catchy Headings

Just aren’t happening for me. Doesn’t matter though this journal is just as much for me as anywhere.

I made my first submission today, a short story just over 800 words which was good as that was the minimum. I didn’t want to dedicate too much time t o this site as I have novels in the sidelines waiting to be done. Unfortunately my writing time disappeared this morning and will not be recouped tonight.

These things are expected to happen in the workings of life so we just keep on going for now. To submit I had to sign a contract first stating that all work submitted will become the property of the group I submitted to. That was a hard one relinquishing rights but I get continuing funds from story it should do something fabulous and the byline was mine too.

It was a hard thing to do as I said and I did it as upon further investigation this normally happens anyway. You retain the byline continue getting royalties but the book or story is no longer yours so I let it go in good faith.

I also submitted 2 articles (here and here) to Helium and am plannig a few more. Tell me what you think as I need critiquing. The more I am picked to bits the better I will get. I may ignore some of what is said but everything will be read and dealt with.


~ by Bron on January 4, 2007.

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