Getting out there

Today after much exploration I joined a few sites. Helium and myLot I joined them for different reasons but mainly to get writing. Both provide renumeration for writing but in different ways. myLot is about posting and making replies they are wanting to get built up and are will ing to pay for it. Don’t ask me how much I wasn’t really sure and once again I joined mainly to try and get my writing skills honed.

Helium is a different type of site. You get paid once again not very much for articles. These articles compete against different ones in the same category for example Christmas decorations. The best ones stay at the top getting more hits and generating more income, they are rated against each other. The more articles you do the more exposure you get and the more funds come in. These sites will not make you rich but it will improve your skills as you want people to read your stuff so that you have a chance at money.

We’ll see how it goes there are critics of course but doesn’t everything.

I also joined an erotica site. You can get paid for your submissions, once again not much but I’m in it for the experience. Why erotica you say? Well romance novels certain styles are erotica and I want to learn to titillate and tease as well as see what people like. Writing erotica is just as demanding as any other form of writing its just not dinner conversation, ‘Hi honey how was your day?’
“Well dear managed to write 3 pages of lustful looks, hot wet sex and climaxes that would blow your socks off”
I have no problem with it but my daughters and my parents may choke a little.
With these sites I plan to use to see what happens I want to stretch my wings and try different things and these three sites allow me to try different areas. I’ll keep you posted on how they go.


~ by Bron on January 3, 2007.

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