Starting a second Blog

I am moving across to blogger for my second blog. I am hoping in this way to keep it entirely separate from my personal blog. THis blog although personal will focus on my writing. My attempts at writing, trying to get published and all the agonies that go along with it.

I have set up a work plan for writing. Because I have commitments I need to make sure the time that I do have is put to good use. I need to work out the best time for me to write. And although I have set to do it in the morning, the only thing is that I tend to be more of a night person so there may be a change.

I have set myself up to write elsewheres then on the pc as the pc and the lure of the internet is too much for me. So I have a nice little laptop that hasn’t any connection to the internet and I am set to go. I find I like writing in my bedroom I feel good in there, the rest of the house is too busy. Although once Kyle is back at work I will be able to motivate myself a little better. need to get the laptop into an easily accessible place within easy reach but out of the way of children, harder much harder then you think.

But it will be done and the trip begins.


~ by Bron on January 2, 2007.

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